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2015-08-22 Takizawa Kabuki 3pm @ MBS Singapore

My second show, nearer to the stage and finally I can see Daisuke playing keyboard (angle issue), experienced the snow (though most melted away in the air before reaching the audience), and make a fortune (thanks to nezumi kozo)(≧∇≦)❤️

Tackey is still… dang sexy \(//∇//)\❤️

But today’s attention is more on the Juniors, and to be more specific, Hikaru, Fukka and Taiga ( ̄▽ ̄)❤️
+ Hikaru’s smirk \(//∇//)\❤️ and he’s all fun throughout the show. He invited the the crowd to get up and join in during Rasa Sayang. Omg, I think Tackey noticed too that Hikaru is getting a lot of attention from today’s crowd (≧∇≦)❤️
+ Fukka was all so cool when he’s not fooling around ( ̄▽ ̄)❤️ and finally see his happy face during the part leading up to Rasa Sayang
+ Taiga (MADE) was going all out throughout the show ( ̄▽ ̄)❤️ I started noticing him when he danced next to my seat during the first show during Rasa Sayang. Talk about the right approach huh (≧∇≦)❤️

Today’s calligraphy 夢 - Seems to me the top horizontal stroke was not done clearly but overall the balance is there (^-^)❤️ Time-wise I think it took longer compared to the first show 星, and Kawai was just standing there watching Kitayama after he’s done with his part of singing.

Tackey & Kitayama’s duet didn’t start off as usual, the light for the shadow performance didn’t come on, and both of them knelt down in front of the light, keep snapping their fingers and saying “light”, lol. Done on purpose? Maybe, the crowd was still entertained and applauded. 👏 Oh yar, and did I mention sexy Tackey? Lol. It was raining sweat when he spins on the bungee rope towards the end of the duet, and the stage lightings make it looks awesome! ( ̄▽ ̄)❤️

Still amused with the puppet performance for Oshin Oshichi number ( ̄▽ ̄)❤️ by Hikaru and Ryota Sorry I can’t recall who was the one pairing up with Hikaru in the first show (Fukka?) and today’s show (Ryota?). Gomen! Hikaru was such a light stealer (≧∇≦)❤️ Somehow I managed to locate him among the casts all the time, well, I do think for reasons other than him being the tallest (≧∇≦)❤️

Differences I noticed between the first show and today’s show (may be new, may be that I didn’t noticed them in the earlier show):
+ Tackey, the nezumi kozo, grabbed one of the audience’s bag during the start of the nezumi kozo number (but returned it before he go up the stage)
+ Tackey, the nezumi kozo, I saw where you dissapeared to after jumping off the tall stand (aka the roof?) (≧∇≦)❤️
+ During one of the song session (was it the calligraphy session?) the background showed a few pics of damages caused by Tohoku Earthquake
+ Hiromi and Daisuke also joined in on the stage during the last dance
+ The female dancers appearing in more parts of the show, for example, during the Yoshitsune number, they first appear as part of the troop, thereafter running on and off the front stage holding up the war flags.
+ Was JAE there in the first show? I can't recall, Gomen!

The audio was still as loud but still ok for me. However, I think it would have been better if they lower the volume during the Yoshitsune fight scenes. I can see most of the casts shouting their lungs out but I can hardly hear them. Perhaps that’s why the audiences couldn’t feel for the tragic hero (and the casts).

I really hope you boys enjoyed and will continue to enjoy your stay in Singapore, see you guys tomorrow (≧∇≦)❤️
WITH LOVE from me to all of you (^3^)~❤️

Comments are loved ❤️
First of all, BIG thanks to untestsubject@tumblr for your love and making the viewing of the live streaming possible, HONTOU NI ARIGATOU ^0^)<3

My first live show (ever!), first grader in Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou (duh!), no notes taken (not going to risk missing the dorky happenings, lol), and my first fan(-girling) report. I have read a few fan reports done by others for WWG2015 on different dates and venues, and did cross-referencing on points which I didn't managed to "get" during the live streaming. Also, there’s be no dialogue per se in my report as I only managed to roughly gauge the live conversations – passed the N5 papers like 4 years ago and learning was put on hold because real-life happenings. The only time I make use of what I have learnt, well, when watching Japanese variety shows and J-dorama *chuckles*. Nevertheless, I must say that they did a good job in having subtitles for the VTR parts for WWG, at least us foreign audiences will not be totally lost *clap clap*.

Plenty of my feels, thus enter with caution (≧∇≦)❤️Collapse )

- It was truly a GREAT experience, I really enjoyed it!! Even though I don't understand the live talks entirely, everyone was super dorky cute! LOL!
- Yama-chan doing his best to keep a low profile, no "Switch ON" per se *grin*, just... normal boy... idol *wink*, LOL. He knows his stand, great job baby, muaks!
- Hikaru was trying to do his best throughout the show. From the other reports that I've read, seems like he interacted more in the 28Jun15 morning session compared to the session on 27Jun15. Yet, I noticed the tiredness. Poor baby~ Yabu was always there when he needs a "speaker" to help speak out loud ^^. Good thing I've read is that he's already better by the next session on the same day ^^
- Yuto's hair... I love it! Kakkoii!! Yuto being Yuto, cool yet dorky as ever, lol.
- Keito always refer to SG live streaming and speaks English, for our sake <3 It'd be great if it's 2 ways streaming, at least we can return the favor - waving, clapping, cheering, kyaa-ing *chuckles*

Hope you enjoyed my fan(-girling) report. Thanks a lot for reading ^3^)<3
Nothing much to say, really, after all the Birthday feeds here xp
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This @-}- is ~Just For You~ ^3^)❤

You saved me, as always...

Hika Hika Hikaru (*´艸`*)♥

love the gap, dorky yet manly, cute yet cool, haa~ Hika-sama~
Been wanting to do this, finally the urge become so strong and I just did it!!ryo sketch
Love Ryo-chan's smile, always

Slowly and steadily I get more and more attracted by Ryo-chan, his efforts, such talent in acting, such talent in dancing, such talent in singing, the sweetness switch ON he claimed during concerts (人^-^), the cool and sexy side of him (Kyaa~!!), the fun and playful side of him plus his LOL (which I wish to see more ^-^), the part of him which is humble, the part of him loving JUMP...

There is no turning back now for me, haa~

HSJ ♥(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)♥

My edit - Ori pic credit to owners

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BIAS BIAS BIAS (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

♪♬Future motto kanjitai ♪♬future motto shinjitai
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♪♬Tomoni tomoni aruite ikou ♪♬tomoni tomoni ayunde ikou
♪♬Tomoni tomoni aruite ikou