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♡ ~♡ LYLYFEVER ♡~ ♡

Was first taken by storm (嵐 - Arashi), went to the moon and back, and discovered the beautiful stars (北斗 - Hokuto). Now actively JUMPing (HSJ) among mountains and rice fields (山田 - Ryosuke) with the warm fuzzy light (光 - Hikaru) shining down on me ❤v(^\\^)v❤
Nature sure is a wonder (人^-*)♡

Life sucks, maybe, but I want to believe this ground we are standing on is a wonderland filled with beautiful people V(^‿^)V

Note to myself and everyone reading this:
+ Don't simply give up, take a break, smell the flowers, find peace within, then take off again y(^ー^)y
+ Music heals the souls, anytime, anywhere - highly recommended: kis-my-ft2 "SMILE" ♡ (^-^) ♪